2009 – 2010 at UCSB

2009 – 2010 promises to be an exciting year.

I was awarded the Graduate Opportunity Fellowship at UCSB, so I will have the luxury of spending the entire year focused on finishing my dissertation. In addition to dissertation work, I am currently preparing materials for the job market and working on a team that is re-designing the Department of English’s website.

And as if all of this weren’t enough, I’m also excited to be attending two conferences this Fall. The first is the Society for Literature, the Sciences, and the Arts’ annual conference in Atlanta, GA. The theme this year is “Decodings” and I will be presenting work from my second dissertation chapter on viral video. In late December I will travel to Philadelphia to attend the annual conference of the Modern Language Association.

This is conceivably my last year as a graduate student and I am really looking forward to all of the new experiences ahead!

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