Research Updates

I have been quite busy so far this Fall!

In addition to the extensive amount of work entailed by the job market, I have been continuing work on my dissertation and have even published a new “research highlights” website.

A Matrix for Evaluating Viral Video is the digital companion piece to my second dissertation chapter, “Decoding the Viral: The Social Uses of Viral Video,” and is now online. This piece is a data set of quantitative and qualitative information about the most talked about Internet videos on September 24, 2009. On the site you will find an explanation of the types of data which I’ve captured, visualizations related to the work I am doing in chapter two, and sample visualizations that show information about the videos in relation to their purpose. Additionally, I’ve included links to the data set on the IBM Many Eyes site so that users may create their own visualizations.

My new research highlights website is intended to be a sort of visual/digital portfolio for the work I’ve done in my graduate career. I built it with .html and .css and had fun with the design. In fact, I am now in the process of updating my other research websites to that they all present a cohesive design strategy.

I encourage you to visit both sites!

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