Fashioning Circuits for Spring 2013

I am pleased to be able to return to work on Fashioning Circuits in Spring 2013, with a group of  five new students!

Changes to this semester include:

  • Undergraduate students working on the project for the first time.
  • Weekly meetings will alternate between reading/discussion and open studio time.
  • Periodic blogging due dates to ensure blog posts throughout the semester.
  • Two wearable projects
    • one early in the semester to facilitate comfort / familiarity with materials and equipment
    • a deeper, more theoretically informed project due at the end of the semester

We will once again begin with Rebecca Arnold’s Fashion: A Very Short Introduction. After that, possible readings include:

as well as readings from previous semesters and various blogs, apps, and social media sites.

I also look forward to continuing our work with the LilyPad arduino and to trying out the Adafruit Flora. Follow our progress at

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